Rechargeable USB Desk Lamp


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The Rechargeable USB Desk Lamp is a multi-functional product that has the ability to turn on and off with one touch. This lamp also has a mirror in front of it, and it’s portable so you can take it anywhere. You can store your pens or other small objects, and it is a phone holder!

• This sleek and modern lamp is a must-have for any desk! The Rechargeable USB Desk Lamp is perfect for anyone who needs some light while working at their desk or studying in the dark. 

• This desk lamp has a rechargeable battery and is USB compatible.

• One-button switch can be touched lightly, and you need to turn on the main power switch on the back and then touch the front button.



Charging Time: 3-6 Hours

Battery Capacity: 600mAh(Included)

Charging Method: USB Charging

Light Control: One Switch/Stepless Dimming


Package Included:

1 X Table Lamp

1 X Charging Cable


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